WTS - 7.7m SP focused ore/ice/gas miner

Looking for the perfect buddy for your orca/rorq fleet? Ready to start making tonnes of isk from the new moons but need exhumers? In a wormhole and need a mining alt for those pesky sites?

Look no further, Franz is the guy for you! With all the skills for T2 mining lasers and harvesters, plus exhumers well on the way to level V, he will have you pulling in that sweet sweet rock in no time!

And when you are done pulling in that ore, you can go out and vacuum up any gas or ice in your system too, for maximum cash.

send me through your offers for this awesome rock eating machine!

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Franz_Thorundan (p/w: miner)

In Jita, positive sec status / wallet, no outstanding kill rights, 2 bonus remaps, in NPC corp etc, all that standard stuff.

(For some reason eveboard is showing 7.27m SP and exhumers @ 200,000sp, but its actually at 650k and training right now, this should be fixed up once the API pulls again.)

Evemail sent




5 bill

I can offer 5.5bill right now for this character. I’m in game, isk in hand ready to go.

6 bil

6.5b offer

7 bill …

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