WTS 76,8 SP Dred character and other ships

(Corwin Sotken) #1

Looking to sell me 76.8m SP character. everboard------>

Located in NPC corp in highsec station

Positive wallet balance

No killrights

Starting 52b

(Inactive Seller) #2

yot api say 64m

Automatic API Update disabled, Reason: Illegal page request! Please verify the access granted by the key you are using!

(Corwin Sotken) #3

Thanks, fixed

(TxivYawg1) #4

55bil buyout offer

(Corwin Sotken) #5

okey, I accept your offer.

(TxivYawg1) #6

isk and account info sent

(Corwin Sotken) #7

okey isk and acc name received, start transfer

(Corwin Sotken) #8

I can not pay for the transfer of the character due to a malfunction in the payment system

(Corwin Sotken) #9

Isk is returned to TxivYawg1 since the payment system refuses to work, and therefore I can not transfer the character

(Werner Erata) #10