WTS 77M SP JF/Rorq/Fleet support pilot

50b minimum, 70b b/o

  • No kill rights, Character in NPC corporation, positive wallet.

  • +0.1 security status, 4 jump clones, character in Jita

  • 77M SP of which 1M are unallocated

  • All relevant JF skills maxed out: Jump freighters V, Caldari freighter V, JDC V, JDO V

  • Fleet support skills maxed out

  • Command destroyers V, Command ships V, Caldari and Amarr T3 fleet boost skills maxed

  • For afk ISK making: Advanced mass production VI, Advanced lab operation V

  • Industrial command ships V, Capital industrial ships V

  • +3/+4 implants in, plus jump clones with nice implant sets (see the link below)

Hello, I just might be the perfect support character for you!

My main job was fleet support alt: Providing links and bonuses to the fleet. But it’s super useful to have Rorqual + JF skills for those times when you don’t find PvP

50b offer

Is this character still for sale? 52b offer

53 bil

53.5B offer

54 bil


59 bil

60B Offer