WTS 7mil SP Production Alt

(Raimo Hamateha) #1

Selling myself. Production alt.

Eveboard Link

Starting bid 5b
B/O 9b

Highest bidder accepted 1230GMT 1/22/2018

(Alocose) #2


(Global Positioning System) #3

4.5B offer, what’s your B/O?

(Alexander Helugo) #4


(Global Positioning System) #6

Offer retracted.

(Global Positioning System) #9

Offer Retracted.

(Kade Daktari) #12

buyout 4b, offer good for 1 hour

(Raimo Hamateha) #13

4 is too low sorry. Going to keep the auction going a few days.

(Tian Amilupar) #14

Would offer your 5 b

(Kade Daktari) #15

Off work in an hour ill check my funds then

(Kade Daktari) #16

my mistake, thought you were asking me if I would offer 5

(Jihad4Content) #17

Will offer 5.5b b/o based on the 7,378,797…

Needs a couple of skills for capitals and has some wasted SP

Only open today

(Raimo Hamateha) #18

Offer accepted. Email the account to transfer to and send isk.

(Jihad4Content) #19

Isk and Evemail sent

I await transfer

(Raimo Hamateha) #20

Transfer initiated. Enjoy.

You have chosen to transfer the character Raimo Hamateha to the account named XXX.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

(system) #21

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