WTS 8.6m SP Caldari toon

WTS 8.6m SP Caldari toon

-2 Bonus remap available
-All +3 Implant
-Positive wallet
-Positive Sec Status
-No kill rights
-Fresh default corp (toon never joined any corp and no combat log)
-Parked in Caldari empire.
-All CCP Rules Apply.
-All career missions completed.
-I’ll pay transfer fee.
-ISK goes to this character.

Bid: starts at 5b

4B offered


4.3B offered

4.3 accepted.

will begin transfer as soon as isk and account info received in-game

4.3b sent from this character to Tetrias.
Please confirm.

Isk received.

Your account name info NOT received. (it is needed for transferring toon)

please send the info in email in-game so I can begin transfer the toon.

The message was sent.

account info received.

beginning transfer.


This character is being transferred to another account and cannot be logged.


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