WTS 8.8m SP Hulk Pilot

(The Final Judgement) #1

This character is currently for sale


Positive wallet
Located in Highsec
No killrights

Exhumer 5
ABCGS t2 crystals

Bidding starts at 6b
B/O: 7.2b

Auction will run until 1/12 or a b/o is met
I reserve the right to cancel

(Varieties) #2

I’ll offer you the 6 bill for this char.

(The Final Judgement) #3

Noted, will let run for 24 hours and its yours

(Hells Revenger) #4

Offering 6.3b

(The Final Judgement) #5

Hells Revenger14h
Offering 6.3b


(Hells Revenger) #6

ISK and account info sent

(The Final Judgement) #7

idk received initiating transfer

(The Final Judgement) #8

character sent. o/

(system) #9

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