WTS 8 officer mods

(Acquila Maximus) #1

For sale in Chamemi VI - Moon 1 - Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant

Ahremen’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer @ 1.7bn
Ahremen’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb @ 7.2bn
Brokara’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer @ 0.6bn
Draclira’s Modified Cap Recharger @ 8.5bn
Selynne’s Modified Cap Recharger @ 2.8bn
Tairei’s Modified Capacitor Power Relay @ 0.5bn
Thon’s Modified Cloaking Device @ 3.5bn
Tobias’ Modified Large Proton Smartbomb @ 13bn

(Gerald Mardiska) #2

Lowsec huh…snazzy place to try and sell officer mods.

(Starlixum) #3

400m for brokara’s modified energy neut

(system) #4

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