Wts 80 mil sp Supercarriers Jump Freighters Orca

In Jita
Sec 1.34
wallet is positive
NPC corp
no killrights and bounty
3 Jump Clone
B/O: 70b

I am still for sale!

55b offer

I am ready to sell for 60 bil and not wait for other offers, will this price suit you?

55 bil

60b offer

60.5b offer

70b since we’re splitting hairs

It’s all yours. Seller should accept your offer imo.

send isk and info pls

isk and account info sent

you transfer it?

@ISD_Traindriver @ISD_Drew ^ no answer in days, sent ingame mail and no response and no transfer. submitted a ticket. could you or someone look into it please. isk and info was sent when confirmed.

You’ll need to work with support on this. Locking this until support resolves the issue.