WTS 80m SP Rev/Zirn Rorq Pilot (with PI skilled) SOLD

Character has Positive Wallet
No Killrights
Character Stays in Jita
One Jump Clone im Amarr one in Hirizan

Looking for 75b
Edit done: SKillQ should be shared now and the right Character Posted it


if you make 70b i accept

How was the deal at 68bil?

i accept 68bil

ok,isk I will send to this role, and at the same time I will email the account that needs to be transferred

ISK and account details sent.

Wait, I need to open an Omega account

Okay, it’s over, you can start transferring

Has the transfer started?

in that moment yes

Do you have screenshots of payment and transfer? Generally, these two need to be pasted in the post.

30.11.2023 17:13:14 UTC PayPal Transfer Character $20.00 Paid

received, thanks