WTS 86Mill SP Character

Positive wallet.
Positive sec status.
No kill rights.
All CCP Rules apply

Starting Bid: 50 bill
Buy out: 80 bill

Hello, I will buy instantly for 48B

50b for me

50 bill bid noted and daily bump.

How long is your auction time? I’m afraid I will miss the final auction. I don’t want to spend too much time on bidding. I’m bidding 55B now to show my sincerity.

56 bil

If you can offer me 62 bill we can end the auction right now.

Daily bump

58b If still available

to the top I will close this bid in 48 hours.

Offer accepted send isk and account info you have 24 hours then the bid is back on and the B/O will be 60 bill.

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Isk and details sent

Transfer has started enjoy

Thanks, What time does it come across ?

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