WTS 87m SP rorq/ Aeon/ Ark

Positive isk balance
I will pay transfer
Positive sec status
I am a member of the NPC corporation
highsec local
no jump clones
Star 65 b
B/O 89

60 B offer

75b offer

send info and isk

first time buy character which info i should give u and sent isk for which character ?

mail in the game or just left message here ?

in the game you have to send isk and send username where should I make the transfer

sent the isk to StephanieLaserLips right ? It’s a bit strange that I want to buy this character, so why do I have to transfer the money to this character instead of your other characters. Username i will sent ur in the game

that’s right StephanieLaserLips send isk

read the rules for buying and selling characters, everything will be easier

ahh just saw it and isk trans

transfer started

Thanks and have a nice day

ty <3

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