[WTS] 9.5 mil SP Hulk/Prospect Pilot

Selling this awesome miner :smiley:


  • Can fly Exhumers & Expedition Frigates
  • Can use T2 mining crystals for moon mining
  • Can use T2 mining drones
  • 2 Bonus remaps available
  • +4 attribute implants & other hardwiring implants
  • No kill rights
  • Located in Jita 4-4
  • Positive wallet & sec status
  • All CCP rules apply

Starting bid - 6bil
B/O - 7.5bil

PS: Looking to sale this before end of the week!

6B offer

6.5B :sunglasses:

6.8 bil isk ready.

7 Bil


Get your mining character before week-end start, this sale ends tomorrow at 20:00 eve time

Only a few hours left, B/O lowered to 7.5 bil

And we have a winner, send ISK and account info pls

Isk and info sent in game

Thank you!

Transfer of character is underway
Thank you!