WTS 90M SP NYX pilot

I am a member of the NPC corporation
no kill rights
0 jump clones
empty wallet
start bid: 80b

this account is hacked, seller is scammer, no deal here!

Have you allready opened a Support Ticket ??

are you an idiot? what kind of nonsense are you writing?

Who is this man and why is he accusing me of hacking my pilots?

please stop hacking accounts and scamming people here, tickets submitted.

Are you a sick bastard? these are my accounts! I am writing in support

Closed for further investigations.

Please submit Support Tickets.

Please understand that I cannot give any further information except:

All cases have been forwarded directly to a Gamemaster.

All sales and all accounts involved will be thoroughly investigated to ensure that no honorable player is at a disadvantage.

This may take some time.

Until then, all posts that are involved in any way will be closed until further notice.

The players in question will be directly contacted by the Game Masters once the investigation is complete.