WTS | 92M SP | Gallente Focused | Cap & Sub-Cap

Mostly Gallente Focused with Dread & Carrier 5. 19M+ in Drones.
NPC Corp (Showing in corp on SkillQ but isn’t in game)
1M ISK in Wallet
No Kill Rights
Security Status +1.81

Located in Amarr as is 2nd Clone
1st Clone – High Grade Amulet Set w/ Extras (5B+ Value)
2nd Clone – High Grade Snake Set w/Extras (3B+ Value)

All CCP rules adhered to.

In no rush to sell, looking for serious offers around the 70B+ area.


65b offer for 24h.

Thanks for the offer but as stated I am in no rush to sell and will wait until the right offer comes.


72b offer for 24h

Offer accepted.
Send ISK and EVE Mail of account name that the charachter is to be transferred please.

ISK and Eve-Mail send

ISK Recieved & Transfered charachter to account name provided. Thanks.

Character received