WTS 92Msp 2012 - Supers - PvP focused skills

Welcome to my auction this has been my main account for the last 8 Years and if your planning on purchasing me you had better be seasoned in battle!
Fleet command
Min carrier 5- perfect Hel - Fighter 5 Hvy Fighters 5
Dreadnaught - Phoenix T2 Siege T2 Weapons - Nag -T2 weapons
Black ops
Strat Cruisers
everything except industry… thank goodness!


will sell to whom ever i get the best feeling.


55B ready. Now ingame

thanks for the offer

65 bil


thanks for the offers Mr TxivYawg1 and Mr Laojiang I’m expecting more for my main which is so well trained for a very long time, IF you try to inject 90m sp its gonna cost you a lot more :smile:

lmao, i’m out. if you love it that much, why sell it? keep it then… not worth for how much you’re asking for anyway. good luck waiting for that dumb azz with deep pocket (if there is one) :slight_smile:

You basically offered me a titan for it. no offence taken perhaps it isn’t for you, this is for someone who is looking for a perfect alt for their significantly higher skill point main or duelboxing supers

I can live with that 75B

How about 78B

withdrawing offer

Landlord, are you still there

70B offer

71b offer

73Bil final offer

73.5bil offer

yes the landlord is still active thanks for your bids guys

75B What do you say

75.5B Offer