WTS 93,5 M SP Subcap Char

Good core skill Char
Im for Sale https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Orfiel_Dragonforce
93,601 SP
275 unallocated
No kill rights

Minimum Offer 65B

It’s my first time to sell my character,if there is anything wrong, please correct me please. Char will be in NPC corp today.

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UP we go


Thx, gonna wait till end of week, if nothing better comes up we will make a deal

Offer 71b.

Bump. Bit higher would be nice.

Daily bumper

Not home whole weekend - best offer monday morning wins.


73 Billion offer good for 4 hours

75 Bill

Taken, can we do the paperwork in the evening ? Contact me on mail.

I am online/ Logging

im at work,will be online in about 9-10h, then i can make the transfer, thats ok for you ?

Ok. I will transfer isk when char will be at NPC corp (as per CCP rules)

Chaar in NPC corp

Ok, I will transfer isk to you and send account mane by eve-mail soon.

@Orfiel_Dragonforce 2019.12.10 02:17:31 Player Donation -75 000 000 000 ISK [r] Faydhe deposited cash into Orfiel Dragonforce’s account

Isk & account info sent.
Please confirm isk receipt & starting transfer.

ISK recieved, Chaarter transfer started.

Character reveived.