WTS 95 MIL SP great chracter . DREAD V, CARRIER V

Skill Points 95 mil

Positive wallet
No killrights
High grade Crystal set


70 B …

72B offer

73 bil

74B ready

75 bil

Almost there.

77B 。。

Thank you for your bid. 24 hours remaining. The highest bidder will be accepted.

77 B offer accepted . Please let me know.

Keep it at 75B now

Keep it at 75B now

If the 77 B offer will not show up in 12 hours, his bid will be counted as invalid.

Reeed Mabata - ur offer is accepted. Sent you message ingame.

Send is complete, please check

Confirming ISK and account details received. Starting transfer with plex.

It has been 24 hours, but I haven’t received it.
Please tell me what the problem is.

I have created SUPPORT REQUEST #979517. Waiting for answer. I do not know why this takes so long this time.

Still not received, please let me know if there is any reply

If possible, I would like you to change the mode of payment