WTS 98 MIL SP Pilot


(Yoshi Tojo) #1


Great pvp/pve pilot with all the trimming

3 sets of improved +standing

email me with offers in game or post here

starting 70 bil

(Yoshi Tojo) #2


(Maizie Fields) #3

74 billion ISK.

(Gafton) #4

75bil buy out how many remaps and when does this end

(Yoshi Tojo) #5

3 remaps and I end it soon looking for 78 to 80 so who ever give me that or who ever is closes

(Yoshi Tojo) #6

bump buyout 78 bil

(Gafton) #7

sorry I brought something else but good luck on the sale

(Yoshi Tojo) #8


(Maizie Fields) #9

75 bil.

(Yoshi Tojo) #10

i accept awaiting isk and account details

(Maizie Fields) #11

ISK and account information sent. Thanks!!

(Yoshi Tojo) #12

pilot in transfer thank you fly safe

(system) #13

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