WTS Abyssal Entropic Sink (+29.1% DPS, 10.27% RoF)

WTS>> Abyssal Entropic Heatsink

+29.1% DPS
+10.27% Rate of Fire (max is 10.3%)
+1.159x Dmg Mod

Buyout 45B
Accepting offers over 35B

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I’ll start you off with 420 isk

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Tree fiddy buckaroos

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1 plex and a beer if you’re ever in the US.

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RMT detected :wink:

I’ll give you a high five

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Bump! Eve-Mail offers to Proxay please.

Bump! Eve-mail offers to Proxay please.

Bump! Eve-mail proxay offers - thanks.

Bump! Best entropic sink in the game, PM offers to Proxay in-game.

Bump! Best entropic sink in-game, offers to Proxay in-game please.




Bumping this speed-styler sink~~

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