WTS Abyssal modules

4B (God roll DDA):

350M (good DDA):

300M (Okish DDA):

3.8B (almost max dps roll DDA):

800M (16.67km web range):

900M (16.81km web range):

925M (16.89km web range):

190M (15.31km web range):

330M (16km web range, good -%speed roll):

330M (16.38km web range):

1.1B (17.37km web range):

975M (17.02km web range, good roll overall)

1.25B (17.52km web range, good roll overall)

1.5B (God dps roll gyrostab) SOLD

Amennise Pellion's Abyssal Gyrostabilizer - Abyssal Market 1.25b offer

Deal, send me ingame mail and i’ll contract to you

Mail sent from this char

Contracted, thank you.

still seliing