WTS: Abyssal Warp Disruptor w/ near perfect range. 35.76 (Longest seen yet)

(Amelia Sturges) #1



Great roll on CPU as well, so it can help with tight fits.

Only missed perfect by .24

WTS Longest range point in game
(Roggvir Valekaani) #2

1 billy

(LordPsylex) #3


(Amelia Sturges) #4

Still available

(Roggvir Valekaani) #5

1.2 no more no less

(Amelia Sturges) #6

Sorry too low

(Luv2Club69) #7

2b billions?

(Amelia Sturges) #8

Up on public auction for just about 2b starting

(SoulSeeker) #9

2.5b offer

(Amelia Sturges) #10


(Amelia Sturges) #11

Couple days left on auction

(Amelia Sturges) #12

1 Day left on auction

(Amelia Sturges) #13

Auction over in less then 1hr and bid is at 2.41b

(system) #14

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