WTS Aeon, Malice, Vangel and Ragnarok

Bump Bestla available too


mails replied to

Nyx sold, Bestla Sold. Vangel pending an arrangement.

aeon price reduced to 64

Can I get 20k PLEX?

yes to which toon

3.5k plex left

plex gone, Malice, Aeon, Vangel for sale

Added ragnarok


da top

Is the Rag npc? If so I’ll start you off at 175.

Rag is in NPC, please stop posting on my threads, I am not poor and I do not need your HyperNet cheap lowball offers Thank you

Rag price is 195 in NPC - fitted with x-type/a-type deadspace fit

No offense intended. If you find and yourself in a month with unsold Titans please counter me, maybe we can meet in the middle. Good luck with the sales.