WTS Malice, Vangel

Aeon - 64
Malice - Open to offers
Vangel - Open to offers
Ragnarok - fitted - deadspace/guns - 200bn Amamake

Also looking to buy an Azariel thats not stupid price.
Mail me or post here - ta.


Where is the Nyx located?

Amamake keepstar


to the top


56 Aeon offer


42b for nyx offer

Mr Melon, long time no speak!! Hope you are well my guy. 200b on the Malice x

43B nyx offer

44b nyx

57 for Aeon
Is this also in Amamake?

Thanks for all the bumps chaps. Prices are relatively non negotiable.
Aeon is in an NPC station - Irmarlin I think
Please kindly refrain from lowballs.

Malice is going to be 4-500+

bump ty


58bil for Aeon

to the top!

Bump Bestla available too