WTS Titans + Super

All fit in Aunenen Keep

Forgot to mention, I have 2 redeemers, 2 marshals as well

Seteles Hardener set Active+Passive
1 Tobais Heavy Point
2 Mizuro Heavy Point
1 Gotan Heavy Scram
20 Muninn Hulls
15 Scimitar Hulls
4 Nestor hulls
2 Rhea + 3 ORE cargo expander

I also have the virtuoso
Also fit Imp
Also fit Victor

I also have 15 Apostles and 5 Revelations I need to sell from Aunenen.

I can sell bulk as a deal

14b for Nyx hull

how much for Revelations?

100B for the Tar, Nyx, Rheas, Nestors and Scimitars

3 for mizuro point and junk

WTB Rag have any offers yet?

150 for the Fitted Avatar Ragnarok and Nyx

How much for the Tobi Point?

Are the redeemers fit? if yes, can you link me the fit?

You have a buyer for the Redeemers? I will give you 2.25bil for them.

How much for the Marshals and Avatar?

18B for those

Looking for realistic offers on this stuff.

Could you contact me in game/respond to my pm please, thanks!

read your evemail, jesus

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Please mail me the price for AT ships.

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