WTS Ragnarok

WTS Ragnarok in npc low sec station Irmalin

Just hull

B/o: 110 bil

evemailed lmk


Avatar sold

Erebus available

Erebus available

uppppppp we go


offer 105 if u can move her to oij free ks.and 100 in the current location

Nope it doesnt move …thnx

not interested in the 100bn offer either ?

i have multiple 100 bil offers and 105 is cheapest offer anywhere

sorry 105 is least i can do.

105 bil and erebus is yours to doomsday

3 x Nyx hulls? :smiley:

3 nyx hulls are like 25 each … so no thnx

bump up

Avatar Titan Available

Avatar Sold

Ragnarok at Irmalin available hull at 110 bil

Hi i sent u a mail

Ragnarok Sold