WTS AIR Civilian Astero

I will run this as an auction until the 8th of February 20:00 EVE time.

Starting bid of 25Bil increments of 1 bil.

I will also add a sniper rule of 10 minutes.

Ill start you off with 25 :slight_smile:

I am holding the AIR Civilian Astero for this auction.

I’ll contract the ship to the winner at the end of the auction as per the terms in the first post.

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50b offer.


To the top.

Due to real life schedule changes end date has been shortened to the 8th of February.Top post has been updated.

I’ll offer 55b

60 bil here


Bid of 65b

1 hour to go…

69bil… nice :slight_smile:


The Archiviste wins the auction for 69 Bil.

Elizabeth Norn will be contracting you the ship shortly.

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Contract accepted. thank you!

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