Wts Amarr_Citizen_1321226292

i have two no skill point pilots no history very old up for sale

Price for the Amarr?

make me an offer

Please post skillsboards allowing us to see specifics.


will do like said in post no skills they just old old characters


contact me ingame if you need anything else

Why does the skillboard site not show the name as amarr/caldari citizen xxxxx?

thats just way the skillboard shows them im guessing in game if says citizen way

Uh, thx. :slight_smile:

no you was correct i posted wrong links lol have fixed my error


Amarr Citizen 1321226292 3,5b

offer noted down contact me in game

let me know when you online

Im not online at the moment. BTW your pilot should confirm here that he is for sale.
You accept my offer or you want to chat in game?

talk in game first just to confirm but will also log on that pilot to just confirm it is for sale i wish to discuss the offer more is all

confirming i am for sale

toon for sale confirmed

I cant log now, will mail you in 8-9 hours