WTS - Anshar & Nomad


I have a Anshar for sale in Jita 4-4.

Price : 9,7 billion

Writte me a evemail ingame, and be patient. I am not online all the time :wink:

Still for sale Ladys and Gents

No one wants a Anshar for 9,7 billion. It is almost 240 mill under Jita price!? :wink:

For sale :

Anshar - 9 billion ( 1 Jump from Jita)
Nomad - 10 billion ( 4 Jumps from Jita)

Both ships in highsec.

Still up for sale, both ships.

Writte me an ingame mail pls, if interested.
And please be patient, i am not always online on this toon.

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