WTS AVATAR 70.5B / Nyx 18B

Avatar is Up on my contracts. Nyx is in a lowsec station in Essence, has 3 T2 trimarks, 18B, will private contract, I can get a fit or somthing for it, basic modules, fuel ect, its got 20k fuel I think. PM me for more details.
its in a chill system,
Basgerin - Vatican Freeport Popestar 70.5B

150K fuel
3x T2 Trimark
2K stront

Bump - I’ll be around most of today if you have questions

taking offers, get yourself in a beautiful lightly scratched avatar tonight!

Contract is down but avatar is still for sale, nyx is sold. Contact me for info

are you willing to go any lower for the avatar for your old corpmate?

Hey man! Wish you msgd me earlier sold it a bit cheaper already :frowning:

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