WTS Avatar BPO

ME8 - TE6
Located in continuous high sec within 10 jumps of Jita
130b, no offers.

Ill give you 75b

50b good for 11 seconds

“Good for 11 seconds”

  • Zody’s wife

Eighty Bill

to the top

Will u trade it with fitted vendetta :sunglasses:

no thanks

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To the top again

To the top

Avatar BPO still for sale?

Until I get a worthwhile price.

i offer 90b

Best you buy NPC, pay 25b in fees and wait 8 months

I withdraw my offer

PE 0-6 2.452.351.801 27d 07h42m
ME 0-8 11.874.581.669 154d 17h04m

on a T1 rigged 0.0 Sotiyo :wink:

o/ fly save have fun

He woulda had to research it in jita to cost that much lol

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