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Location: Hophib


hoping for 200 ONO


187 B offer

hoping for a bit more mate thank you, can go down to 195

Titan hulls cost 180 or less to build even after production cost increase. Every hull on public contract is marked up by traders, so I can understand you would also want to gain more.

I’m only looking to spend around 185, which I think is fair.

My offer stands at 187 B atm

Anyways, I’m gonna sleep soon, so gl on your sale.

Ok mate, who do i contract to?

Contracted to the same character listed in this post, any ETA on when you might accept?

mailed you

in-game offer will go to your in 30 minutes if Riperd Jacks does not accept

@moderator please take this post down :slight_smile:

Just came online. oof

I’ll take if off from you for the same price if you don’t need it.