WTS Bestla

WTS Bestla 166 firm

164 and you can contract to me

165 and we have a deal.

Nah I think 164 is fair, I have been buying them at 160 and 163 regularly.

I have isk ready when you are :slight_smile:

Still waiting for the screenshots of these 160b purchases…

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One bil isn’t worth much and I find this kind of petty haggling unworthy of my attention. Be off with you pleb.


Best response ever.


Still for sale.


To the top. 164B price reduced 24h.

Bumping time

to the top


To the top, let’s get this sold.

stronk ship

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Are you back around?

not yet my friend :slight_smile: also more bumps

Come back soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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164 24h discount.

Bump, buy my Bestla