WTS Big Capital BPO Collection

Just getting a feeler Capital Ships, Components, Modules, etc

|Apostle Blueprint|9|16|
|Archon Blueprint|9|16|
|Archon Blueprint|9|16|
|Archon Blueprint|10|16|
|Archon Blueprint|10|12|
|Athanor Blueprint|7|18|
|Athanor Blueprint|7|18|
|Capital Armor Plates Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Armor Plates Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Armor Repairer I Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Computer System Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Construction Parts Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plate Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Drone Bay Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Drone Bay Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Fusion Reactor Unit Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Ion Thruster Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Jump Drive Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Jump Drive Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Magnetometric Sensor Cluster Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Oscillator Capacitor Unit Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Photon Microprocessor Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Power Generator Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Pulse Shield Emitter Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Remote Armor Repairer I Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Remote Capacitor Transmitter I Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Remote Hull Repairer I Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Remote Shield Booster I Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Shield Booster I Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Siege Array Blueprint|10|20|
|Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint|10|20|
|Chimera Blueprint|9|16|
|Covert Cynosural Field Generator I Blueprint|10|18|
|Cynosural Field Generator I Blueprint|10|18|
|Dragonfly I Blueprint|10|20|
|Dual 1000mm Railgun I Blueprint|10|20|
|Dual Giga Beam Laser I Blueprint|10|20|
|Einherji I Blueprint|10|20|
|Fighter Support Unit I Blueprint|10|20|
|Firbolg I Blueprint|10|20|
|Ion Siege Blaster I Blueprint|10|14|
|Moros Blueprint|10|10|
|Moros Blueprint|9|16|
|Naglfar Blueprint|9|16|
|Nanite Repair Paste Blueprint|10|20|
|Nidhoggur Blueprint|9|14|
|Nidhoggur Blueprint|9|16|
|Ninazu Blueprint|9|14|
|Obelisk Blueprint|9|16|
|Orca Blueprint|9|16|
|Oxygen Fuel Block Blueprint|10|20|
|Quad 3500mm Siege Artillery I Blueprint|10|20|
|Retriever Blueprint|10|20|
|Revelation Blueprint|9|16|
|Standup Heavy Guided Bomb Blueprint|10|20|
|Standup Light Guided Bomb Blueprint|10|20|
|Standup Light Guided Bomb Blueprint|10|20|
|Templar I Blueprint|10|20|
|Thanatos Blueprint|9|16|
|Thanatos Blueprint|9|16|
|Thanatos Blueprint|9|14|
|Thanatos Blueprint|9|16|
|Thanatos Blueprint|10|10|


how much for the two niddies and the chimera blueprints?

How much for the turret bpo

How much for Chimera bpo?

How much for |Naglfar Blueprint|9|16|

|Revelation Blueprint|9|16|
how much

Capital Shield Booster I and Capital Dual Giga Beam Laser I - what’s your offer? Mail me imgame.

How much for Dual Giga Beam Laser I Blueprint|10|20, Templar I Blueprint|10|20 and Einherji I Blueprint|10|20 ?

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