WTS BPCs Tech2 XL (rigs, modules & ammo)

WTS BPCs in Jita 4-4 (constant supply)

(3x 5run ME5) @51mil //XL modules
25000mm Steel Plates II
Capital Armor Reparirer II
Capital Flex Armor Hardener II
Capital Shield Extender II
Capital Shield Booster II
Capital Capacitor Booster II
Capital Energy Neutralizer II
Fighter Support Unit II
Dual Giga Beam Laser II
Dual Giga Pulse Laser II
Quad Mega Pulse Laser II
Quad 3500mm Siege Artillery II
Hexa 2500mm Repeating Cannon II
Quad 800mm Repeating Cannon II
Dual 1000mm Railgun II
Ion Siege Blaster II
Triple Neutron Blaster Cannon II
XL Cruise Missile Launcher II
XL Torpedo Launcher II
Rapid Torpedo Launcher II

(1x 10run ME5) @5mil //XL ammo - 50000 rounds or 40 crystals per BPC
Laser - Scorch/Conflagration/Gleam/Aurora
Projectile - Barrage/Hail/Quake/Tremor
Hybrid - Javelin/Null/Spike/Void
Missiles - Mjolnir(EM)/Inferno™/Scourge(KN)/Nova(EX) - Precision Cruise / Fury Cruise / Javelin Torpedo / Rage Torpedo

(3x 1run ME5) @51mil //XL rigs
Capital Ancillary Current Router II
Capital Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Capital EM Armor Reinforcer II - on request
Capital Explosive Armor Reinforcer II - on request
Capital Kinetic Armor Reinforcer II - on request
Capital Nanobot Accelerator II - on request
Capital Remote Repair Augmentor II
Capital Salvage Tackle II - on request
Capital Thermal Armor Reinforcer II - on request
Capital Trimark Armor Pump II

(3x 2run ME4) @51mil //XL rigs
Capital Bay Loading Accelerator II - on request
Capital Capacitor Control Circuit II - on request
Capital Cargohold Optimization II
Capital Core Defense Field Extender II
Capital Core Defense Field Purger II
Capital Core Defense Operational Solidifier II
Capital Drone Durability Enhancer II
Capital Drone Mining Augmentor II - on request
Capital Drone Speed Augmentor II
Capital Hydraulic Bay Thrusters II
Capital Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II
Capital Low Friction Nozzle Joints II
Capital Polycarbon Engine Housing II - on request
Capital Rocket Fuel Cache Partition II
Capital Semiconductor Memory Cell II - on request
Capital Transverse Bulkhead II
Capital Warhead Calefaction Catalyst II - on request
Capital Warhead Flare Catalyst II
Capital Warhead Rigor Catalyst II

Mail me or post here,
Aluka 7th

Individual BPCs are on contract in Jita but for bulk orders, please order.

Apparently missile BPCs are very lucrative as missiles are overpriced in Jita.
Cost of BPC is 100ISK per missile and everything else is your profit.

Still ramping up the output.
Keep the orders coming. I have high skilled industrial characters collecting dust on research lines so I am more about volume then margin of each BPC.

Fresh batch of 25000mm T2 plate BPCs ready!

XL guns are ready for bigger orders.

Private contracts can be used for those that do not want people to know they are gearing up for war :innocent:

New batch of BPCs for Capital rigs are out :slight_smile:
We also have 1run BPCs for Standup L an XL set rigs in T1 (ME10) & T2 (ME5) versions.

Expanding with additional capital module T2 BPCs… soon :innocent:

Now offering these BPCs:
Capital Flex Armor Hardener II
Capital Shield Extender II
Capital Capacitor Booster II
Capital Energy Neutralizer II

We have only 6 BPCs remaining on stock of Rapid Torps for new T2 dreads.
Next batch will be in July.

Fresh batches ready.

Replenished stock of 25000mm Steel Plates II BPC (5run ME5).

We are not keeping on stock some rig BPCs anymore.
They are marked on request therefore only available on demand if client is willing to wait for delivery.

If you have an XL module t1 bpc and want t2 that is not on the list, convo me. We can arrange this service.

Long range T2 gun/launcher BPCs - available soon @ usual price of 3.4mil per run with most efficient ME5.

We focused on pushing out some new lancer dread 8run ME4/TE4 BPCs @ 1bil but now we are back and stocking up on T2 module BPCs.

Order yours today :slight_smile:

August discount for rig BPC!
3 prints in any combination for 51mil.

Support the war in North, buy BPCs and build for your corp / alliance!.

We are ready for bigger orders, all modules have 100+ runs on stock. Time to refit those dreads :smirk: