WTS BPO Originals

Hey guys,

Got one last BPO to sell now…just want the isk or plex equivelant.

  • Hel BPO 8/14 - 17.25b (which is cheaper than a 0/0 BPO)

If anyone has anyone questions let me know.


here is a bump

Orca contrac me

Just putting kids to sleep. Will contract later tonight

I’ll take the Minokawa, please contract whenever available and I’ll accept as soon as possible with work.

Contracts are both up @Estel_Mythchoi and @Cottonmouth_Joe.

Another bump

Hi, I’ll buy the Bowhead & the Rorqual BPO, thanks

Sweet, will put the contract up shortly

a bump

another bump



Bumpety bump

19bill offer for the hel bpo

Done, I’ll put the contract up

Thanks , I’m away tonight but will acept when home

Buyer fell through so bump

Another one

16.5b buy out . Contract now and I’ll acept