WTS BPOs and BPCs (researched)

Hi. I have the following BPOs for sale in Jita:

  • Abaddon, ME 10, TE 18
  • Tornado, 10/18
  • Naga, 7/17
  • Drake, 9/0
  • Shrapnel bomb, 10/20
  • Scorch bomb, 10/20

I also have a ton of researched BPCs:

  • Various capital construction BPCs
  • Nomad, Anshar, Fenrir, Charon,
  • Phoenix, Moros, Chimera,
  • Domination and Dark Blood control tower medium
  • Zealot, Vagabond, Rapier, Deimos
  • Hulk, Mackinaw
  • And much more

Please feel free to message me ingame. I’m not looking for a lot of ISK.


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