Wts bpos

Up we go


Up we go!

Happy new year lads!!

Can I have 1 tempest and 1 celestis please :slight_smile:

Please contract me the following, if still available;
Archon 8/14 1.6b
Chimera 8/14 1.7b
Thanatos 8/14 2b
Minokawa 8/14 2.2b
Ninazu 8/14 2b

Contract up. Thanks

Contract is up. Thanks

is 10/20 Dominix plus an 10/16 Armageddon possible for 4b?

Confirming receipt of all BPOs. Thanks!

I am interested in several of your Cap Component BPO’s. I will send you an in game mail right now.

Email sent and contract up.

Only have 10/16 domi. Contract up a bit cheaper.

Thank you!

Quick and easy transaction. Pleasure doing business with you.

Up we go.

Daily Bump

Up we go

daily bump

Please contract me the following, if still available:
Arbitrator 10/20 x1
Augoror 10/20 x1
Bellicose 10/20 x1
Blackbird 10/20 x1
Caracal 10/20 x2
Celestis 10/20 x1
Exequror 10/20 x1
Maller 10/20 x1
Moa 10/18 x2
Omen 10/20 x1
Osprey 10/20 x1
Rupture 10/20 x2
Scythe 10/20 x1
Stabber 10/20 x2
Thorax 10/20 x1
Vexor 10/20 x1