WTS "bugged" Gila

(Kami Inari) #1

Good evening Spacefriends!

I know that some of you folks are collecting “weird” ships and legacy fits. This falls under the weird category i guess.

The Gila has a Rapid Light Missile Launcher equipped in the highs. It is not usable and if you hover over the Icon (theres a scourge missile loaded) it tells you “empty highslot”. However, it is not possible to fill the slot “because something is already fitted to that location” and even when trading the ship the “error” persists. Because i wanted to make my gila usable again i tried everything EXCEPT repackaging the Ship. But i guess that would eliminate most of the buggy stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a pic of the Ship, if anyone’s interested in having this in their Collection feel free to message me Ingame as im not that active on the Forums. Ill assist if you require any sort of proof including a Skypecall. (Im a girl maybe that gives me some extra points haha)

Have a nice day everyone! <3

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