WTS Bulk BPC's in Jita 4/4

Over the past year I’ve accumulated 100k+ BPCs and thousands of BPOs.
I’m not an industrial player, I don’t know what to do with them, or how to appraise them. Instead of just right-click trashing all the BPCs, I thought maybe another player out there would want them. I organized them all, and will start auctioning off the BPCs, starting small with basic T1 BPCs.

The auctions start at just 1M isk. All auctions have a 1-week duration. There are 11,500+ BPCs in this round of contracts; and easily 1,000,000+ runs in these contracts combined, as some of these BPCs are good for hundreds of runs each (picture shown below). ME/TE ranges from unresearched, to 10/20.

Auction contracts are listed in this character’s bio in-game. Open a contract and double-click the individual BPCs to see ME/TE & number of runs.

2021-09-13 - 13.58.53 ~ Cropped Capture

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