WTS C2 Blackhole w/ LS & C2 Static

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I’m looking to sell my corp’s old home. As the title says it is a C2 Blackhole w/ LS & C2 Statics.

The LS static is great for roaming and is useful for logistics, often connections will be just a couple jumps from HS. No problem for a blockade runner. On the other hand, the C2 static is great for diverse content.

C2s connect to every type of k-space and j-space so the connection you are looking for is potentially just a rolled static away.

The system has 8 Planets for PI and 7 moons so it has a chance to score valuable moons when wormhole moon mining is introduced.
* 3 Barren * 2 Storm * 2 Temperate * 1 Oceanic *

There is a fitted Astras positioned to allow most of the system to be dscanned.

4 billion for everything (Location, POCOs, and Astras).

Contact me in game for further discussion.

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