WTS C2 with NS/C5 Static

(Praeses Cerberus) #1


  • 3 Party POCO’s (not affiliated with sale) 4/8 Planets has no Poco
  • Wormhole has no Effect.
  • no Structure (Deadsticks or Citadels)

Price: 1b

(Karl XVI) #2

I’ll take it ! B/O 1b

(Praeses Cerberus) #3

at what time are you available

(Karl XVI) #4

will login now
edit says: I have to rectract my B/O, sorry praeses. GL with selling, its a good system !

(Praeses Cerberus) #5

ok, still for sell

(Praeses Cerberus) #6

still for sell

(Praeses Cerberus) #7

Still for sell

(Praeses Cerberus) #8

Still available.


Still for sale?

(Darrell Amatin) #10

still for sale?

(system) #11

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