WTS C3 - High Sec static- Cataclysmic Variable


(Esmyra Aeonire) #1

Offering C3 wormhole with High Sec static - Cataclysmic variable.


Good PI, plenty of planets. Some dead sticks.
Includes stategically anchored Astrahus (active).
POCO’s not owned/included.

Taking offers via Eve-mail

(Esmyra Aeonire) #2

Top system

(Esmyra Aeonire) #3

Still available

(Esmyra Aeonire) #4

System still available

(Esmyra Aeonire) #5

Nice place, good deal…

(Esmyra Aeonire) #6

To the top…

(Esmyra Aeonire) #7

Great system, still for sale.

(system) #8

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