WTS C3 HS static


(Kyor Omen) #1

WTS Wormhole C3 HS static, 10 planets and 48 moons J121603.
No citadels or pos
Custom offices in hole with 5% tax rate
NOW selling C3 HS static.
6 planets
31 moons
Some deads sticks
No citadels
J105409 Bids start 600m

Contact ingame or mail, Kyor Omen.

Fly safe o7

(Kyor Omen) #2


(Kyor Omen) #3

Bump bump!!!

(Kyor Omen) #4

Wormhole j121603 SOLD :slight_smile:

(Kyor Omen) #5

Here we go!!! Selling j105409

(system) #6

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