WTS C3 Vanilla WH with null Static! 600 Mil!

(Franklin Vonalique) #1

Comes with one Astrahus.


Asking 600 mil!!

(Zander Exvirus) #2

Mail Topast Aidron

(Franklin Vonalique) #3

Ok done.

(Franklin Vonalique) #4

Still have it and wanting to sell it asap.

(Jax Sharr) #5

Is this hole still for sale?

(Franklin Vonalique) #6

Yes it is still up for sale I have had a lot of inquiries about it. Sorry for the late reply I have been very busy with work and hospital trips.

(Franklin Vonalique) #7

Still for sale. Message me in game if interested! o7

(Agatko) #8

Is it still for sale?

(system) #9

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