Wts c3

This is your Dream Wormhole
Class: C3
Effect: Magnatar
Static: LS
Complete with Fortizar, 2 Astrahaus, and 7 POCOS

Planets are:
1 x Lava, 1x Barren, 1x Gas, 1x Oceanic, 1x Temperate, and 2x Storm

All structures and POCOS will be transferred.

Asking 30b OBO



willing to lower price and remove some of the structures.

Bump still looking for a buyer

Ok everyone,

It’s now time to buy this thing. 15B OBO for everything. My loss your gain.

Bump, Were looking at offers. No one wants to buy a C3 right now?

Bump because its still for sale

Bump, with the new moon mining this is the hole to have and were now looking to a low of 12B

Interested to discuss this with you, contact me when you have a chance.

To the TOP!!

Top the Top and still for sale

Oh Look a WH for sale

Is this still available?

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