WTS C4: C4/C3 Statics w/ Raitaru, POCOs and Ships

WTS C4 Wormhole w/ no effect.

Statics: C4 (X877), C3 (C247)
Planets: 1x Barren , 1x Lava , 1x Storm , 3x Gas , 1x Ice (P4 available)

Great spot for PVP and PVE. Consistent sites and easy to roll the C3 for content.

Price Includes: Wormhole, Fit Raitaru (fit below), POCOs on all planets, 3 x Higgs fit rolling battleships and Heavy Dictor.

4.5B obo

Eve Mail apollo fdn in game or post here if interested.

Wormhole ready and waiting for your corp

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