WTS C5 vanilla with C6 static

Selling C5 with C6 static.
The system has no effect.
System radius is relatively small and all global celestial are in range of D-scan from the Sun.
The system belongs to R26.

This deal includes following items.
Astrahus ( fitted ) x 1
Astrahus Weapons ammos
Astrahus Fuels
Rolling Megathron x 4
Rolling Broadsword x 3
Sabres x 4

( Options )
Rolling Archon
Set of LPOS

Price : 5Bill ISK without options.
PM me or leave comment here if interested.

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Price negotiatable :grinning:

Price has been lowered :slightly_smiling_face:

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Price Lowered btw

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You can make 5 bil in few hours in C5.
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Still for Sale ~

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