WTS Caedes 95b!

(Bananaboat Blues) #1

Price is 95b or any fair offers
Feel free to contact me ingame or here on the forums (ingame by mail)

Edit : price lowered

(Bananaboat Blues) #2

cmoon buyers lets have a lil negotiation! :slight_smile:

(Bananaboat Blues) #3

still here & for sale

(Bananaboat Blues) #4

to the top once more

(Bananaboat Blues) #5

Just sold one of the babies!

got moar to sell! :slight_smile:

(Bananaboat Blues) #6

Come & get your Caedes today kids!

(Bananaboat Blues) #7

Still here still hot & still sexy AF!

(Bananaboat Blues) #8


(Bananaboat Blues) #9

Still here! :slight_smile: