WTS Caiman - SOLD

Have a Caiman in Jita LS, non kick out station. Don’t have a price in mind, but low offers will be ignored. Not in a rush to sell. Best offer gets it.

Do you accept trades?

If so, Nyx + 20 B = 65 B

Nah sorry just looking for isk

80b offer

I got a bunch of in-game offers as well, currently have two people offering 80b. Going to let everyone know and see counter offers.

81 B offer

Current in-game offer is 85b. Going to give it the weekend if anyone else has a better offer.

post screenshot of offers here pls

85b is the current offer. I’m not posting screenshots. No worries if you don’t want to bid more. I’ll be selling after dt on Monday

Comes off as dishonest or lazy but that’s fine. It’s your Caiman, after all and I don’t have enough ISK as I just bought a character

85b current offer, selling tomorrow if I don’t get a better one.

Sold, please delete this post

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