WTS Caldari Character 5.2M SP - lower price

Viv is located in a station in hi-sec, and is a great starter character.
She has a positive wallet; is in a NPC corp; has 2 neural remaps available; and has no kill rights.
She has +3 implants 1-5, and 3% hard wirings 6-10.


price? at least 4B

All rules will be followed, and I will pay the transfer fee.


How about 3.5B?

In game message sent.

I’ll take it 4b

Bananaboat Blues, I will accept your offer.


Isk & Details sent

I received payment, and replied in game.

I have started the transfer process, and paid the fee.

I have received a notice from CCP that the character transfer has been initiated.

I think we are all set.

Thanks again.

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